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About & Where to Buy: About Us


Feel good in every pose

LANETHIX is a yoga inspired clothing company for women. Our motto is from women for women.  We offer a place to find activewear that is high quality, has the right fit and has an affordable price.

LANETHIX was founded in 2020 by Christiana Thieler, a mom of 3 children, in sunny San Diego, California. Coming from abroad with her newly wed husband in 2006 with just two suitcases she never stopped hustling and finding ways of staying independent and having her own money.  Picking up the California vibe, she started LANETHIX, her own activewear company. 


LANETHIX is now an upcoming brand and women love the taste and styles that are carefully picked by Christiana. High Quality, Style and Fit is our first priority!


LANETHIX is not just a company, but a way to feel the California lifestyle wherever you are.

Feel the ocean breeze and let the sun warm your heart. Live the day and be the energy you would like to attract.

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